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Chigee AIO-5Lite

Chigee AIO-5 Lite

What is it?

The AIO-5Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System, made by is an all-in-one solution for your motorbike, integrating lots of tech into a small bundle.  The tech that is integrated includes, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Front and Rear Dash Cams, Blind Spot Detection, a 5″ Screen, 5G Wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 and is designed by riders!

At last a system to bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your bike!

First Impressions

Opening the box is the first part of the experience with well designed packaging which is separated into sections with the device and then all the accessories you should need to fit it to your motorbike.

There are also lots of additional extras that you can buy to add in things such as different mounts, internal and external tyre pressure monitor sensors, BMW CanBus connection and much much more!

The presentation of the device is great.

Feature Rich

Packed with features, The Chigee AIO-5 Lite is packed with an array of features designed to enhance the riding experience. From its seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its integrated dash cams and blind spot detection system, this device offers convenience and safety in equal measure.

Specifications, It has an intelligent wireless screen mirroring allowing you to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, depending on your preference, but both are on the same unit.  The Dash Cams record front and rear at 1080P 30FPS, Blind Spot Detection is built into the camera and uses an AI visual algorithm.

You have Bluetooth 5.0 and 5G Wifi meaning that you can connect with ease to your phone and also your home Wifi to carry out any software updates that are needed.  To transfer footage from the unit to your phone you can connect with the Chigee Go App and its seemless to download footage at a quick rate, meaning that you won’t be waiting for ages while your battery runs flat!

The Screen has a peak brightness of 1200cd/m2 and it the unit is made of aluminium allow which also comes with a 3-axis shock absorption mount.

Dual recording to the unit takes place on the internal 32GB eMMC and SD card that you install.  It takes up to 256GB SD Cards which will be more than you need to keep your dashcam footage on.

It is IP67 Waterproof for both the unit and the cameras and is built to be used in temperatures between -20 to +65 Celcius.

Permanent Fitting, The fitting of the unit is a permanent thing, perhaps this will be revised in new versions in the future but for not it is hard wired into the bike and is mounted with the wires coming out of the unit itself meaning you can’t remove it from one bike and place on another without rewiring it again, but this does add a degree of security that it cant be removed without damaging it which is much the same a your bikes standard TFT.

Mounting Options

Another strong point for this device is that there seems to be a mounting bracket for any motorbike so you can fit it to your handlebars or Yoke or Sat Nav bracket.  We liked that this has such versatility so that you are not stuck with having to mount it in a specific place on your bike, you get to choose where it goes!

The mounts are of good quality and in the pack you get the bar mount as standard.  It’s a little fiddly to mount but fits solidly.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

We use iPhones so Apple CarPlay is perfect here and it works in the exact same way it would in a car.  throughout testing and daily use, we have had absolutely no drop outs of connection and no lock ups!

Utilising Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while riding your motorbike opens up a world of new possibilities which hasn’t been available for us bikers unless you have a Honda. Accessing navigation, music, and communication apps directly through the device enhances convenience and safety, allowing riders to stay connected without distractions and is truly a beautiful system to use.  It’s smooth and accurate and the best bit is now you can use your favourite navigation app rather than a dedicated sat nav unit!

We tested the unit with Scenic, TomTom, MyRouteApp Navigation, Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps and all were perfect, although the voice instructions on Google Maps were a little iffy! Not sure why but all the rest worked flawlessly.

Oh and now you can keep your phone in your pocket, keeping it safe from camera damaging vibrations.

Connecting your Headset

One of the fundamental abilities of navigation is to have updates on the route right into your helmet.

As well as listening to music and replying to messages and taking calls, this unit removes all the issues of correct connection.

So many times we have tried to connect a sat nav to a helmet and then to a phone or to a TFT screen only to find out 10 minutes later that something doesn’t work, right when you need it.  It’s so frustrating.  But now you connect your phone to the AIO-5Lite and your phone to your helmet system and that’s it.  Not more connecting something first, then another and another and it not working, this just works!

Integrated Dash Cams

The integrated dash cams and blind spot detection system offer added peace of mind on the road. With these features, riders can capture important moments and stay aware of their surroundings, enhancing safety and security during every ride.

As soon as you power on your bike, the unit fires up and it starts recording automatically.  This is great as you don’t have to remember to press record at all and it even has a mode you can turn on to record any jolts to your bike when left parked too!

The cameras shoot in 1080P at 30FPS which is more than adequate for a camera system.  The colours are punchy and accurate and it seems to cope well in most light conditions.

Reviewing footage is so easy! You head to the camera menu on the main screen and you can review all of the footage, save delete or view right on the unit itself.  We found that this has been brilliant when tutoring other riders and showing actual footage that compounds a lesson learning points.  You can protect footage here too and of course view both front and rear cameras.

The Ghigee Go App is also very easy to use and allows you to download footage that you need to keep or send to someone directly to your phone.

Blind Spot Detection

Integrated into the rear camera is some very clever AI.  The Blind Spot Detection System works like magic and allows through the setting for you to set different parameters of detection and will then show you a red ‘Caution’ label on the right, left or bottom of the screen, depending on where the vehicle is as it approaches or goes past you from behind.

Some will say “what’s the point in having this” and some will say “It’s great to have”.  We fall into the latter and firmly believe that it’s not about having tech to tell you everything about your ride or indeed to detach you from the experience of riding, rather adding a little more information while you are riding that might just save you before an overtake, at a junction or anywhere on the road really.  The one thing we have to do as riders is be safe and this adds a little more information to your ride to help in being safe and that’s great in our book.

BMW CanBus Adapter

Wow! what a revelation!  Not only can you get a wireless controller but if you have a BMW motorbike with a whizz wheel, you can get the CanBus adapter which adds the functionality to control the Chigee unit directly from the BMW OEM whizz wheel.

The adapter, called the CGRG Remote Control Can for BMW by Chigee is connected right into the RDC port on the bike, usually under the rear seat.  If you use a Hex ezCAN this uses the same port so plug it in first and then the ezCAN.  Then they both work and you haven’t had to change any wiring at all! 

Connecting this to the unit is the same as the wireless remote or tyre pressure monitor sensors in that you go into settings on the screen and pair the devices.  Could not be simpler and works extremely well in seconds.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

You can get quite a few accessories for the AIO-5Lite, but one thing that is really great is the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Easy to install they are 2 gadgets that screw onto your tyre valves and pairing them to the unit is as easy as 1-2-3 and the unit prompts you how to fit them and when to fit them.

Once paired it shows the pressure in your tyres in either Bar or PSI depending on your preference and also the temperature.

Not only that, it allows you to set parameters of an upper limit and lower limit and will warn you if these are reached with a bright coloured warning box dead centre of the screen as well as an audible beeping.  This worked so well on a recent ride where a puncture happened and on slowing down and when the air started to leave the tyre i was immediately alerted, meaning i could stop safely before the tyre fully delfated!

Lots of bikes don’t come with this feature so it’s 100% a must!  If you don’t want the external ones, Chigee also make internal ones too! 

The Price

So…… price is always a consideration when choosing something like this, but at £479 (currently – 2024) some may say wow! that’s expensive, but when you consider that you have 2 1080P DashCams, Blind Spot detection and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the ability to add Tyre Pressure Monitoring and the BMW CanBus adapter and have this all in one unit its a reasonable pice indeed.


In conclusion, we both think that this unit is a game changer in not only motorbike tech, especially if you have an older bike, but also if you have a new one.

With this system, not only can you have any navigation of your choice on your screen (providing it works with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto) but you keep your phone safely in your pocket too.

To have one system that does so much is awesome and really does bring convenience to your riding.  Is this going to be a disruptive device to the sat nav market? We think it is!

Sat Navs, whether you choose Garmin or TomTom or other hard mounted dedicated unit, all have their issues with tranfering route files, the way they navigate, the way that they integrate into communications devices or just how they function.  But with the new Chigee AIO-5Lite, you can now choose to use any navigation app that you want and more importantly use several along side each other.

We have all bee away on a tour and one sat nav goes one way and one sat nav goes another, despite having the same settings and hardware, but now if your dedicated unit fails to re route you, you can just use Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Scenic, MyRouteApp to name just a few!  For us the added bonus is that we use MyRouteApp to plan all of our routes and by being able to use their app we can now make sure that the route is 100% what we wanted and if a road is closed or something happens on the route that is out of our control we can switch to another app to navigate around.  Perfect!

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