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Our friends

Wow! what a journey so far!

Starting our channel was about us riding our bikes and and having fun, but we didn’t ever think that we would have had so many great experiences and adventures whilst making new friends along the way.

We are genuinely blown away that viewers like our content and continue to interact with us.  We love it as they pop up in the most unexpected places.  

We just love to ride our bikes and make videos about it all.


We pride ourselves on being honest when we review anything from a bikers perpective.


We generally record our videos unscripted as it let us create as we go along. After reading specs and making sure we have the facts, we record!


Well it's all about fun isn't it. There are serious bits to what we do but we love having fun in the process!

Would you like to work with us?

Here at RiderCamTV we love making videos, talking about motorbikes and everything that goes with it.

We have reviewed many different items from Dashcams to gloves and from Clocks to Sat Navs.

We always provide ‘honest’ reviews from a riders point of view and enjoy looking at different products and services.

If you like what you see and hear and think we would fit with your product or service, give us a shout and we can look at how we can work together for the benefit of you, our viewers and of course our channel.


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