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cardo packtalk edge

Cardo Packtalk Edge Communication System

What is it?

Cardo Systems new kid on the block, the Cardo Packtalk Edge is a top of the range, tech filled bit of kit in a small package that we have found really does improve the clarity of communication on the move as well as the safety while riding with the addition of so many features!

First Impressions

From the moment of opening the box, it is clear that there has been lots of attention to detail, not only on the product itself but also in the care taken to provide a pleasant unboxing experience.  Upon a sniff test it wasn’t anything like that of a GoPro box, but that’s just me!  😂😂😂.

Feature Rich

Packed with features, the Edge is a great device. One of the standout features is the impeccable audio quality – even at high speeds and amidst the cacophony of wind and engine noise. I have been using Interphone headsets for years and once wind noise/speed increases, even at the highest volume it’s hard to hear all of the conversation, but on the Edge conversations were remarkably clear, making group rides and navigation instructions a seamless experience. 

The sound quality from the JBL speakers is brilliant.  I’m no audiophile, but the range of bass and high notes was a welcomed improvement over previous headsets I have used.  The sounds volume is awesome too, although as I use moulded ear plugs with speakers in them, changing the volume for phone calls and phone ringtones had to be done, as they are that loud it nearly blew my ear drums out!  That said the app allows you to control nearly aspect of the Edge settings and you can adjust different volume settings, although even on the lowest sound setting I could not adjust the ringtone volume. This could be a phone thing but I found a solution! I purchased an ‘in-line-volume-control’ which allowed me to adjust the volume right down and therefore reducing the volume of any ringtone coming through and then adjust the volume of music etc through the Edge unit itself.  This works so well its amazing.  Of course if you had the JBL speakers fitted this may not be an issue for you.

Build Quality: The materials used feal robust and durable, assuring me that this was a product built to withstand the rigors of the road. The sleeker more up to date look certainly improves on the well established Bold unit.  It also now does not have an arial, which is great as there is no fiddling about to get better signal as its all built in!

Using while riding: Using the Cardo Edge while riding has transformed my biking experience in so many ways. The device’s hands-free operation allows me to focus solely on the road while staying connected with fellow riders (even if this doesn’t happen a lot), but I have found myself using the Edge to connect to student on training much easier and more often than with our makes of devices.

The voice control: It is the best I have used on any headset device to date.  Yes it does have some quirks; it sometimes thinks it wants to call the last number dialled which sets me in a panic and sometimes starts the radio and when you say ‘hey card, music on’ it replies with the correct voice prompt but doesn’t start the music, so I found a work around!  I say ‘hey cardo, radio on, then hey cardo music on’ and this seems to start the music in every occasion which is great.  For the random calling people, this I think is my bad singing to music and the fact that the Edge listens to the wake words and perhaps my singing gibberish confuses it, but make sure you change the language to UK English (for me that made everything much more accurate indeed, with far less false detections happening).

Battery Life: Wow, just wow!  I recently did 1000 in 24 hours around the beautiful Scottish countryside and used the Edge which was on the whole way round, totalling just over 24 hours of solid use, listening to music and it still had 50% battery at the end! I was astounded, so battery life is not an issue at all.

Recording a conversation: Cardo have listened! You can now record conversations, or anything that goes through it to be honest with their new function in the app.  We use it to help us record reviews while riding but also to record conversations that we have if it will benefit our videos and for us provides a fail-safe recording alongside our cameras that’s great.  You need to make sure you have the mic in the right place but other than that the quality is great and certainly has the added benefit for any rider wanting to vlog or start vlogging to not have a whole host of wires hanging around their helmet.  Great job Cardo!

DMC vs. Bluetooth: A Revolutionary Leap: The Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) Gen 2 technology that the Cardo Edge uses truly sets it apart from the competition in my opinion. DMC creates a seamless communication network that remains stable even as group members join or exit. The hassle of re-pairing devices is eliminated, providing uninterrupted connections regardless of group size. While Bluetooth connections still remain an option for interfacing with non-Cardo devices, the DMC technology shines when it comes to riding with fellow Cardo users. It reconnects seamlessly and without issue in our testing.

Voice Control: Simplifying the Experience: As I said earlier the Edge’s voice control functionality is a testament to user-centric design. Effortlessly managing calls, adjusting volume, switching tracks, or even summoning a digital assistant became second nature through simple voice commands. This feature not only added convenience but also significantly bolstered safety, as it minimized the need to fiddle with buttons while riding.

Pricing: A Justifiable Investment: Considering the cutting-edge technology and array of features offered by the Edge, the pricing is competitive and well-aligned with the current market, although if you shop around you may get better prices with discounts etc (check out our discount below too!). It’s an investment in enhancing the riding experience and maintaining crucial communication on the road or even if you want the best tech and ability to connect to people when you need to as well as the sound quality to listen to hours of music or radio wherever you go.


In conclusion, the Cardo Edge is undeniably one of the best motorcycle communication devices I have used. Its top-tier build quality, exceptional features, and user-friendly design, I think make it a cut above the rest. With the Cardo Edge, I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of connectivity that seamlessly integrates into my riding adventures. I no longer have to remember a multitude of button presses to do anything, I just use the voice control, but if I want to use the buttons I can too.

The ability to now update the device from the app without plugging it into a computer and now have the ability to record your chats while riding all in the app I think that If you’re looking for a communication system that has real innovation and reliability, the Cardo Edge is undoubtedly the ultimate choice and one that I am very happy to have made.

It’s an investment that not only enhances safety but also elevates the joy of riding to exhilarating heights and both Mark and I will continue to use the Edge while riding.

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