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The one with the tech!

A bit about Toby

I’m a 40 something (shhh, I know I look younger) guy who thoroughly loves riding motorbikes and enjoying life.  

I have a full time job, web business and lead tours throughout Europe, and am a RoSPA tutor, so life is pretty hectic at the best of times, but there is nothing like being on the open road, be it in the UK or in Europe, or even further afield.

I met Mark after completing my Direct Access Course at a Bike Safe event in Cornwall and the rest is history!

I put all of the videos together and edit them in my shack at the bottom of the garden.

“4 wheels move the body,
2 wheels move the soul.”


My Bike

I have had about 14 bikes now ranging from Suzuki’s to Triumph’s and now I ride a 2023 BMW 1250 GS Adventure, and I’ve had 7 of these now and never get tired of them!

Barney the BMW 1200 RTP has recently joined me and it’s one awesome bike!


amazing adventures lay ahead

Riding opened my world!

" I never would have thought that my love of motorbikes, although found only a few years ago, would open a whole new world of friends, adventure, experiences and fun! I would recommend it to anyone!"
Things I am often asked

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many lovely roads in the UK, I have spent most of my time riding in Cornwall and have a few favourites.

Come to Cornwall and ride the Coast Road from Penzance to Wadebridge, there are some stunning views and some awesome twists to really get a great ride!

I have ridden quite a few amazing roads in Europe, and again it’s so hard to choose.  I am smitten with Spain and ride there with every chance I can get.  The Duouro Valley has to right up there with my favourite places and the road is exceptional!  If you get chance try it, or why not come along on a tour with me?

I started riding relatively recently in 2012 when I finally got bitten by the bug and fulfilled a lifelong dream to own and ride a motorbike.

I passed my CBT and then my Direct Access Course and that was the start.  From there I went to a Bike Safe course run by Devon & Cornwall Police where I met Mark.

I then passed my Advanced Test with the IAM and then with RoSPA, where I am currently a tutor.

I have ridden for Magellan Motorcycle Tours for the last few years and tend to ride in Spain and I love to take new and old friends around some of the most glorious roads and places along the way.

I was chair of Cornwall Blood Bikes for 3 years until it was time to hand the mantle over to someone else.

My neighbour is to thank for that!

He had 7 bikes at the time and I had always had a dream to own and ride a motorbike, so without wasting anymore time, I got myself a bike, passed my CBT and Direct Access and got out there!

If it wasn’t for my neighbour enticing me with his collection of bikes, I wouldn’t have had the best years of my life…… on a motorbike!

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