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Our Partners

Our Current Partners

Our journey on YouTube and on our bikes has been immense fun and we continue to enjoy making videos and bringing content to the platform.

We are extremely proud to work with our partners, below.

They are fab and have their customers at heart, which fit right in with our ethos.

Cardo Systems

Whenever you speak to someone that rides a motorbike about communications systems, the first name that comes out is Cardo Systems.

We are proud to be one of their Brand Ambassadors.  Using their communications systems wherever we ride is great for us as knowing that our communications are reliable and always available certainly adds to our peace of mind when on tour.  Keep an eye out for offers and reviews of some of the latest tech that Cardo makes.

You can grab a discount on Cardo’s website by following the link below and using code “RiderCamTV”.

CHIGEE Global & UK

As world tech moves forward so does Motorcycle tech.  For a long time now, people have used stand alone Sat Nav units to navigate the world but with a high reliance on mobile phones brings a huge leap forward to enable you to use your phone to navigate using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without having your phone mounted to your handlebars.

CHIGEE has a goal to provide riders with top tier products that elevate their experience.

We are proud to be supported by CHIGEE and love their products.

You can also get a whopping 25% off using code RIDERCAMTV at their website.

Dunlop Tyres

Tyres are a very divisive thing to talk about with bikers, but like everyone, when you find a great tyre its hard to move to another.

We are extremely proud to call Dunlop a partner of our channel and we just love the tyres that they make.

Dunlop Tyres is a brand of tyres which is managed by different companies around the world. It was founded by pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in Dublin, Ireland, in 1888. The brand is operated by Goodyear in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

We have done numerous videos on different tyres and continue to do so as we love them!

If you are looking for a great tyre for your bike, check them out!

Magellan Motorcycle Tours

Many of you will know that both Mark and Toby are tour guides for Magellan Motorcycle Tours.

Magellan is a specialist and independent motorcycle tour operator setup and run from the UK, established out of a desire to provide something different to those wanting to tour on their motorcycles and enjoy a fantastic motorcycle holiday.

With unrivalled customer service and a fantastic team of guides you will love tours with them, no matter where your location is or where you want to go, there is a tour for everyone.

Not only is a great company to tour with, you could be on tour with Mark or Toby! 

We have an exclusive discount code for RiderCamTV viewers where you can get a massive £100 of any tour when you book using code “RIDERCAM100”.


Techalogic are a family-run business and we’ve been trading online since 2014. We’ve gradually built our business up over this time starting with trade and consumer shows selling tech mostly focused around motorcycle and equestrian safety cameras.

They are the people that brought Innovv, Mycrocam/UHWK cameras to the UK and the importers of these excellent camera systems for motorcyclists and horse riders. We have a lot of experience in providing technical support and have a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Their philosophy is to create tech products that just make sense.

RiderCamTV are proud to be working with Techalogic where we will be able to bring you their tech direct for reviews and more.


Under founding company MycrocamUK, Jas and Steve have been promoting action and safety cameras for motorcycling for over 8 years now but never had a dedicated hardwired dashcam system for motorcyclists. After testing over a dozen different products, we landed on Innovv and are now their UK importers and distributors. The team at Innovv, design and develop motorcycle cameras based on solid experience and a strong engineering background. Their cameras are built for motorcycling but have many different applications.

Communicating with motorcyclists from around the world every day about camera installations taking feedback on existing products and making improvements, plus new designs & development through product testing.

Motorcyclists have the skills & knowledge with real-world experience on roads and are a valuable resource that supports the development of unique features to fit the needs of bikers on the road. For Innovv, it’s all about protecting your ride and having fun!!!

RiderCamTV are proud to be working with INNOVV UK.

Dry Sparkle

DrySparkle cleaners are a new and alternative way to keep your vehicle clean. Ours waterless cleaners allows you freedom to clean anywhere. With them you can wash, polish and protect your vehicle. They are easy, quick and convenient to use.

RiderCamTV are proud to be working with Dry Sparkle to keep our bikes clean at home or away and find it one of our go to things to take on a tour to keep our bikes looking tip top!

You can also grab a 10% discount on any purchase of Dry Sparkle at their website by using code “RCTV10”.


Makers of the smart motorcycle tracker.

We have worked with Monimoto for several years and continue to use their trackers on our motorbikes.

With a proven track record around the world and here in the UK, their trackers have assisted the recovery of stolen vehicles.

With functionality and ease of set up coupled with a great customer service, MONIMOTO continue to provide piece of mind to any motorcycle owner, not matter their location, and all for an affordable price!

RiderCamTV is very proud to work with MONIMOTO.  Both Mark and Toby both use their devices to secure their bikes.  You should too!

Clicking the logo will take you to their page through an affiliate link which provides a small income to RiderCamTV, helping the channel grow but there is no extra costs to you.

Would you like to partner with us?

Here at RiderCamTV we love working with different people, companies and organisations, not matter their size.

We have partners that work with us on various aspects of our channel, by sponsoring certain videos, providing products for competitions and helping us to promote our channel.  This helps us to make more videos, grow the channel and brand as well as giving something back to our viewers.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a RiderCamTV partner please fill in the form and we will be in touch.


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