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The brains of the outfit!

A bit about Mark

I spent 24 years in the Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver then worked abroad in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Peru and Laos clearing up ammunition and Landmines after their respective wars for 13 years.

Came home in 2013 now do what I want whenever I want with Cornish Stig’s agreement…

"Dum Spiro Spero"
(While I breathe I hope)

Blood Bikes

My Bike

Currently I’m riding the BMW R1250GSA which I love. Previously I’ve had 5 BMW R1200GSA’s and an F850 GSA.

Not a big fan of sports bikes so most of my bikes have been ‘adventure’ type machines.

I have added bits to my bikes but I only like to add practical bits and if that involves not following the crowd even better…


My Riding Kit

Just gotta love to ride!

Live a little everyday!

"After spending 24 years in the Navy and working all over the world, I have been riding bikes for what seems to be forever! AND I LOVE IT..... What's better than a bike?"
Things I am often asked

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the St Ives to Lands End Coast road.

If you get chance you should try it!

So many, but I love the Dalmation Coast Road in Croatia and the Trollstigen in Norway.  Try riding bliss!

I currently ride for Cornwall Blood bikes which I love and have been on several off road courses in Wales.

I rode from Kandahar to the Pakistan border on a Chinese 125 which was some of the best fun I have had, although kind of scary at times. Even for me!

While I was working in a copper mine in Laos near Sepon I rode a motorbike all of the time. It was the easiest and most enjoyable way to get around.

I just love riding as you know. What is better than riding a bike!?

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