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sizzapp Real-Time GPS Tracker for motorcycles

Sizzapp Real-Time GPS Motorcycle Tracker

What is it?

The SIZZAPP Motorcycle Tracker is an easy to use tracking system complimented with a great app (Sizzapp Pro) for riders who value security, convenience, and peace of mind whilst offering lots of other features that are often only reserved for more expensive monitored tracker solutions.

Features and Benefits

For us motorcycle enthusiasts, security and tracking is one of the paramount things we consider, safeguarding your investment and pride and joy against theft and unexpected incidents is a must. It provides real-time location updates and lots of features not seen on many other tracking devices that let you keep an eye on your bike no matter where you are.

What does it offer?

Anti-Theft Protection: The SIZZAPP tracker acts as a reliable anti-theft system, sending instant alerts to your phone if any unauthorized movement is detected, and in our testing this is really quick to respond to movement and notifications are received almost instantly.

Real-Time Tracking: Using GPS technology, you can pinpoint your motorcycle’s location at any time. Whether you’re on a road trip, exploring new routes, or simply parked in a busy area, you can track your bike’s whereabouts with remarkable accuracy. You can even transpose this information into Google maps to hone in on your machine, providing longitude and latitude coordinates which is awesome!

Geofencing: This feature lets you set virtual boundaries for your motorcycle. If your bike crosses these pre-set boundaries, you receive instant notifications, an they are almost instant. This is really useful for preventing theft or monitoring if someone else is using your bike without your permission, or indeed if they are leaving the confines of the limits you set when allowing someone to use your bike.

Ride Analysis: Beyond security, the SIZZAPP Motorcycle Tracker offers many great insights into your riding habits. You can review your routes, distances travelled, and even analyse your riding performance, based on braking, acceleration and cornering. This adds a new dimension to your motorcycle journeys, helping you enhance your skills and plan future rides more efficiently.

More over the tracker and app allow you to hone in on your trips, selected by date, and see them in a route style visual with the added benefit to share this route as a GPX file for many sat navs and applications as well as a .jpg image file.

The app and tracker also show your speed analysis too. Other trackers that are paid for monthly may provide a more accurate speed recording at regular intervals on a map, the Sizzapp show the highest speed on your route, and overall rides as well as your average speed too, but we found that this is just as good to be honest, as do many people outside of organisations like Blood Bikes etc, need this information, especially when its pitched against the price of each variant?

User-Friendly App: The accompanying app is intuitive and user-friendly. It provides easy access to all the tracker’s features, allowing you to control and customize settings with minimal effort. We found that sometimes the app defaulted to the ‘main screen’ even while you were in another screen, but with the recent update to 3.3.0 this seems to have been rectified.

The Price: Here in the UK Sizzapp is priced at around £269.99 which at first seems expensive, but that is until you realise that it is a one-off-fee, meaning that once purchased you don’t have any other monies to pay and we think that this is fantastic. You can set it and forget it.


We don’t think that the SIZZAPP Motorcycle Tracker is just a gadget; it’s a valuable companion that enhances your riding experience in multiple ways. Its comprehensive security features, real-time tracking capabilities, and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for any motorcycle owner.

At first we were sceptical that a unit that just connects to the battery of your motorbike, would not only drain the battery, but it wouldn’t be very good, but after a month or so of testing this was far from the truth!

The ease of fitting makes it a breeze and in minutes you have peace of mind that you know where your bike is all the time.  With the functions we have already mentioned and the ability to share your real time location with friends and family or whoever you choose it really does have more than just security in mind.  Of course, with only 2 wires connecting it, it would be easy to remove, however the tracker has a built in battery which allows it to run for a period of time once disconnected, it also allows the tracker to alert you that power has been disconnected and still provide that real time location.  It also lets you know if it’s moving but has no engine on, such as being towed away which in this day and age where motorbikes are stolen way too much, it provides some hope to find your beloved machine again quickly.

All of this for a one-time-cost too!  We would buy this tracker and in fact have found ourselves looking at the app much more than professionally fitted tracking solutions we have on other bikes to look as routes, analysis and more.  We think that this is an awesome addition to not only motorbike security but also to your ride too! 

We are keeping it on our bikes!

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