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Ride Out - 2024 Part Trois

Come and ride with us!

Back in 2022, we floated the idea of meeting up with our for a bit of a ride out in Cornwall and the resounding answer was YES!

We were shocked that people want to meet us and that got us thinking that we could show people some of the delights in Cornwall and take people to see some amazing roads.

Our RideOut in 2022 was a really fun day and we got to meet lots of riders from all over the country who came to see us.  Mark even took us on some roads that we didn’t know existed!  

So this year, 2024, we are doing it all again in our RiderCamTV RideOut – PART TROIS

If you would like to come, the details are below:

Thanks also to Ocean BMW Falmouth for hosting the event.

Our Route

RiderCamTV Rideout 2024

See below for the routes for your devices

When and Where

Saturday 13th July 2024 – From 9am

Start & Finish:

Ocean BMW Motorrad,
Falmouth Road,
Cornwall, TR10 8AD

What 3 Words Location


What to bring

You won’t need to bring anything with you other than a sense of humour, your bike, a full tank of fuel and suitable clothing.

There is no cost for the day, although you will need to bring some pennies for our raffle and food if you get hungry!

There is a MacDonalds nearby but we hope to have bacon rolls, cakes and pasties available.

You will find the GPX (Garmnin) ITN (TomTom) files for your sat navs below When we have put them up! so you can load them before you arrive.  This year there is a small charge of £2 for the routes as it takes a lot of time to prepare them.  We will also be donating £1 from each sale to our chosen charity of the day.

Come along and join the fun!

Let us know you are coming

So that we have an idea of rough numbers on the day, please let us know that you are coming by filling out the form below.

Don’t worry, we aren’t saving email addresses etc, but if there is an issue in the run up to the Ride Out we can let you know by email.

Where to stay if you are coming a long way

If you are planning on coming but you live somewhere else in the world, there are loads of places to stay, from Premier Inns, to camp sites.  To give you an idea, we have supplied a link to Trip Advisor and campsites below:

Trip Advisor for places nearby

Campsites nearby

Ocean BMW

We are proud to be supported by Ocean BMW Motorrad Falmouth who are kindly hosting our ride out this year.


What to expect

We describe ourselves as 2 people who know nothing about bikes, talking about bikes, but we do like a good social, so everything on the day will be super easy going.

Arrive from 9am, have a cuppa or two, have something to eat and then meet us both.  We are super excited to meet all of you, everything will be relaxed.  

You can even check out the bikes that are in stock at Ocean BMW!

After we have all arrived and mingled, enjoying laughs we will lead you through some of the delightful roads in West Cornwall, taking in some amazing countryside and perhaps the seaside too!  Mark has a great ride out planned for everyone.  The ride should take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours and we will leave at about 11am giving us plenty of time to head around the route and return to Ocean BMW in time for coffee and cake before departing for home.


During the year we have grabbed a bit of stuff that we will be raffling on the day.

All you need is a raffle ticket, you will be able to get them when you arrive and sign in.

We have some great prizes, so don’t miss out!  This year we are proud to have some big names supporting us and our raffle, including Cardo, Carpuride, Chigee, Innovv, Techalogic and Ocean BMW!

 Once the ride has concluded and we are all safely back at Ocean BMW Falmouth, we will draw the prize winners.  
You will need to be there to claim your winning ticket, otherwise they tickets will be re-drawn.


This year we have a small selection of RiderCamTV Merchandise at great prices!

You can also pre-order merch if we run out too!


This year we are supporting Out OfThe Woods CIC who aim to provide therapeutic interventions for children and young people in Cornwall who are experiencing difficulties.  They offer resources, training and courses for families and organisations.

We will be making a donation from the proceeds taken from the raffle and refreshments at the end of the ride.

Route Files

Click on the button below to download your preferred file.  You will be directed to our merch store so that you can purchase the file and download it straight away. Then come along and join the fun!

This year we are charging a small amount of £2** for the route file.  Usually we provide this for free, but it takes a considerable amount of time to plan, ride and re ride to make sure that it is as good as it can be for you all.  We will be donating £1 from every RideOut 2024 route file sale to our chosen charity!  This year it is Out Of The Woods CIC.

*Whilst every care is taken to create a route, we may deviate on the day if road works/traffic dictate.  Loading it into your device may have varying results. We do not offer support to get it working with your particular device or app. **The price may fluctuate by a few pennies, this is the currency conversion rate in your location.

Rules of the ride

As with anything, there are a few ground rules. (nothing major though!)

The aim of the day is to have fun, so we will use what we call the ‘drop off system’ to keep us all together and we will let you know what this is all about before we start when we brief everyone on the ride.

All we ask is that you and your bike are legal and that we ride within the Highway Code and road traffic legislation.

As RoSPA and the IAM say, your ride is your own ride and you are responsible for it.  RiderCamTV are not responsible for your riding and you take sole responsibility and will behave within the law when riding.  This is to make sure we are all safe and that above all each and every one of us enjoys the day and has fun.

That’s it!

The drop off system

On the ride we will use the drop off system.  This is a method for ensuring that all turns are marked so everyone gets where the group is going, even if they don’t know the way. The system allows everyone to ride within their own abilities with no pressure to ‘Catch Up’.

Riders don’t need to keep the rider ahead in view, riders don’t need to contravene any road signs or legislation, and don’t need to exceed speed limits as there will always be someone waiting to point the way.

We will have a Ride Leader at the front and a ‘Tail End Charlie’ at the back of the ride.

Once we set off, everyone follows the leader.  The basic rule is that the route is ‘straight ahead’ at roundabouts and junctions. If at any point the route deviates from straight ahead, i.e. a turn off or uncertainty at a roundabout or the group has split up for whatever reason, the rider immediately behind the Leader stops to mark the way at the junction in a place prominent to the following riders. This must be a safe place which does not confuse or inconvenience other road users. The choice of position will usually be guided by the Leader who will be experienced in choosing suitable places.

Once stopped, the second rider waits until everyone except the Tail End Charlie passes them before setting off. If road and traffic conditions permit, the second rider should re-join the group in front of the Tail End Charlie. If not, the second rider allows the Tail End Charlie to pass safely before setting off; he/ she then catches up with and overtakes the Tail End Charlie to reform the group.

It’s a great system and works really well, but don’t worry if you haven’t ridden with this system before as we will explain it all before we head off!

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