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INNOVV K5 Dual Camera System

Our first impressions

So firstly, opening the box shows a real attention to detail from INNOVV, everything in its place and very well packaged, instantly providing a feel of a quality product right from the start.  The smell from the box is nice too (gotta love that 3M smell….eek!! that’s a Toby thing!!!!)

Each piece of the kit feels premium and made from quality materials and you get everything you need in the box to fit which is a massive bonus!


Fitting is really a breeze! It’s not joke that this is a really really easy system to fit.  The only thing that takes the time is to find channels and routes to fit all of the wires so that they are out of the way, hidden, neat and secure.  That’s what took the time. Be sure to leave about 3 hours to do a good job (obviously depending on your bike and the space available of course!).

We started at the front, as the 4K camera is quite a lot larger than the other camera units from INNOVV, this is because there is no brain box attached as its all in the camera!  This does bring its own pro’s and con’s, although it does mean you have to think about the best place to secure the camera.  This also does not provide the longes wires from that camera to then attach all of the connections which then have to be threaded through the bike to the front.

We mounted the front camera to the windscreen shroud screw which holds it nice and tight.

It’s easy to access the SD card too as there are 2 thumb screws with a small door to remove should you need to access the card, although the app is the best place to do this.

Although this seems a pain, once fitted it’s neat and tidy.

Then we fitted the rear camera and chose to fit it on the existing rear indicator stalk and as mentioned earlier, the fittings that come with the system are extensive and should provide enough for you to fit the camera in most places.

Then we fitted the DC Converter to the battery.  Fairly straight forward although the inline fuse is a little close to the battery terminal so think before you connect as you will need to be inventive to hide the fuse.

Then it was the microphone connection (yep you heard right, a microphone!).  We fitted this and routed it up through the bike and drilled a small hole in the front tank pocket on the BMW 1250 GSA so that it could be stored in there and used in our helmet when needed.  This proved to be a great place as it saves the faff of routing a cable when you need it and then storing it in another place when not in use.. and let face it, the small tank pocket is next to useless anyway, but we now have a use for it!! woop woop!

Then the smart control button.  this was fitted again with the supplied fixings and we chose to fix it to the rear view mirror stalk to give an OEM look.

Then the GPS unit.  We found a space on the left hand side of the BMW 1250 GSA (opposite the battery) which provided enough space to hide it and the wires well.

So then it was time to test it before putting panels back on the bike.  As soon as the power was supplied it went through it’s set up process and started up.  We connected the app seamlessly and it worked first time.

Once the cameras were set up and adjusted to the right orientation it was time to put the bike back together and get out on the road to test it out.

Out on the road testing

Well, right from the start, this unit is confidence inspiring that it will work every time, and work well.

The quality of the recordings are incredible for a motorbike camera system.  Both cameras are stable and are provide very smooth footage which is rich in details.  As you will see on our video review, we haven’t colour corrected anything as we didn’t need to!

The Microphone in our front pocket allowed us to put in our helmet easily and the sound quality is brilliant.. We’d say is on par if not better than the sound from a GoPro!

We can see that this camera system will feature in future videos and will enable us to vlog while on the go really easily!


For a Dual camera system on a motorbike, we don’t think you will find a better system to be honest.  Especially if you are looking for 4K UHD quality as there is nothing else on the market that compares.

The support from INNOVV is great and speaking to them on a couple of bits they are really responsive and it’s clear that the team in UK have customer service at their heart.

Easy to fit (depending on your bike of course – as this it what takes the time for a neat installation).

With the use of a 5.8 GHz wifi connection from this unit it makes downloading footage to your phone a seamless process, downloading 200mb files (as we set them to loop record in 1 minute sections) in only a few seconds, and we really mean only a few seconds which is a marked improvement over the K2 and K3 systems as these run on 2.4 GHz wifi which is slower.

Looking at the bike with it fitted. its neat and tidy and looks very OEM and not out of place. We will be using this in many videos to come indeed.

Watch the video review

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