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Bumot Tool Box

Bumot Tool Box

Our first impressions

Bumot has a reputation for making great products that not only look good, but are also really well made!  Their toolbox is certainly no exception.

What we thought

For a long time we have been using Touratech tool boxes on our bikes, and don’t get us wrong, they are good, but when Bumot sent theirs through it was only fair to switch them out.

Made in the same eloquent way as the pannier systems Bumot offer, the welds are neat, and the tool box is powder coated both inside and out.  

Fitting is super simple and achieved within about 5 minutes as its held on with 2 brackets that fit snugly over the existing BMW racking system and are bolted to together.  There are 4 bolts and once you have the box levelled up, tighten them and that’s it.  Easy, even for us!

The box appears to be free from any holes and therefore we expect it to be waterproof.  The rear door is 1 piece of the same material as the toolbox and has a small lip to locate it at the bottom and then and lock (which is keyed alike, meaning that its the same key for this as well as all of the pannier locks!).  Once locked the rubber panel on the door gets squished slightly to form a really good seal with the toolbox and your done!

We got loads of items in there too, so even though it’s slightly smaller than the Touratech tool box, it’s slightly fatter so you can cram as many essential items that you think you need in there.


Having a Bumot Tool Box just finishes off the family of Bumot products on our bikes.  It’s functional, exceptionally well made, waterproof and holds so much stuff too.

It’s a must for any BMW rider and certainly for a tourer to keep items such as puncture repair kits, tools and other things that you may need to hand but don’t necessarily need very often.

It’s on our bikes now is now stuffed with all our (might need) essentials and will site there until the day we need it.  A great almost covert gadget to have with you just incase!

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